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TFC Plating: Defining Excellence in Metal Finishing in Portland, OR

TFC Plating, located in the heart of Portland, OR, is a distinguished leader in the metal finishing industry. Renowned for our profound history, technical mastery, steadfast loyalty to our customers, and an unwavering commitment to excellence, we provide superior metal finishing services that set industry benchmarks.

A Storied History in Metal Finishing

The journey of TFC Plating is one marked by dedication and excellence in the field of metal finishing. Established with a vision to deliver top-tier plating services, our history is a chronicle of relentless pursuit of perfection and adaptation to the dynamic advancements in metal finishing technologies. Our evolution from a modest beginning to a leading name in the industry is a testament to our core values of integrity, precision, and superior service.

Unmatched Mastery in Plating Services

At TFC Plating, we pride ourselves on our mastery in a wide array of metal finishing services. Our team of skilled professionals, leveraging state-of-the-art technology and extensive industry expertise, ensures that each project is executed with unmatched precision and attention to detail. We specialize in various plating and finishing techniques, each designed to meet the specific requirements of our diverse client base.

Loyalty to Our Valued Customers

Our unwavering loyalty to our customers lies at the core of our business ethos. We are dedicated to fostering long-term relationships built on trust, reliability, and the consistent delivery of exceptional results. Our customer-centric approach involves understanding and addressing the unique needs of each client, ensuring personalized and effective service solutions.

Excellence as Our Guiding Principle

Excellence is the guiding principle of our operations at TFC Plating. We are committed to delivering the highest quality of service in every aspect of our work. Our meticulous attention to detail, commitment to using the finest materials and processes, and focus on sustainable and environmentally responsible practices distinguish us in the metal finishing industry.

Our Pledge to Deliver Superior Service

Our mission at TFC Plating is to exceed your expectations with our metal finishing solutions. We continually advance our techniques and knowledge to remain at the forefront of the metal finishing industry. Our team is always prepared to offer expert advice and customized solutions, ensuring that your metal finishing needs are met with the utmost professionalism and expertise.

Contact TFC Plating: Your Premier Metal Finishing Expert

For all your metal finishing requirements in Portland, OR, turn to TFC Plating. Whether you need specialized plating services, environmentally conscious finishing solutions, or expert consultation, we are here to provide exceptional service. Contact us today to discuss your project or to learn more about our comprehensive services.

Services Offered
Metal Finishing Services
Black ZincOur black zinc plating service provides not only superior corrosion resistance but also a refined, dark finish. This combination of protection and aesthetics is ideal for components requiring both.
Black Chromate (Molybdate) on ZincA specialized process that augments the corrosion resistance of zinc while imparting an enduring black finish. It finds widespread application across industries due to its durability and appearance.
Chromate CoatingsTFC Plating’s chromate coatings create a protective layer on metal surfaces, bestowing corrosion resistance and extending the lifespan of components.
CopperCopper plating is favored for its improved electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance, and attractive visual appeal, making it an ideal choice for a wide spectrum of applications.
Chrome Replacement (Tin)Tin plating serves as an eco-friendly alternative to traditional chrome plating, offering impeccable corrosion resistance and a gleaming, lustrous appearance.
Electroless NickelThis advanced plating technique ensures uniform coating thickness, extraordinary corrosion resistance, and is widely used across diverse applications.
NickelRenowned for its enhanced wear resistance and corrosion protection, nickel plating adds a touch of sophistication to metal surfaces, making it a versatile choice in various industries.
PassivationOur passivation services meticulously eliminate impurities from the surface of stainless steel, boosting its corrosion resistance and ensuring compliance with rigorous industry standards.
SilverSilver plating is characterized by its exceptional electrical conductivity, making it the top choice for electrical and electronic components. It also offers remarkable corrosion resistance and an exquisite appearance.
TinTin plating offers an additional layer of defense against corrosion and enhances the visual appeal of metal surfaces, making it an essential option for numerous industries.
Yellow Chromate (directly on Zinc Die Cast)Yellow chromate coating applied directly to zinc die-cast components offers both a protective layer and an attractive golden-yellow finish.
Yellow Chromate on ZincOur yellow chromate coating on zinc augments corrosion resistance while imparting a vibrant yellow appearance, serving practical and aesthetic purposes.
ZincZinc plating provides outstanding corrosion resistance and serves as a cost-effective solution, with widespread applications in industries such as automotive and manufacturing.
Yellow chromate directly on zinc die-cast components improves corrosion resistance and provides an appealing finish, making it ideal for automotive and decorative applications.
Yellow chromate on zinc extends corrosion protection and is commonly applied to fasteners, hardware, and outdoor equipment.
Metal finishing service providers adhere to industry-specific standards and regulations, such as ASTM and MIL-STD, to ensure the proper application and compliance of metal finishes.
Metal finishing service providers implement stringent quality control measures, including process monitoring and inspection, to ensure consistent and high-quality application of metal finishes according to client specifications.
Zinc metal finishing is vital in industries like construction and automotive, where it provides sacrificial corrosion protection by corroding in place of the underlying metal substrate, safeguarding against deterioration.
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